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"Bombers Never Call and Callers Never Bomb."


Media helicopter's tend to hover. Law enforcement helicopter's orbit at a lower altitude than media.

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DIS - Deputy Involved Shooting

OIS - Officer Involved Shooting

FTY - Failure To Yield 

POB - Person Over Board "Boating"

TC or TC'd - Traffic Collision

RA - Rescue Ambulance

RP - Reporting Persons

PR - Person Reporting

ADW - Assault with a Deadly Weapon

ADW on a PO - Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer

BOLO - Be On the Lookout 

NFD - No Further Details 

JO - Just Occurred 

UTL - Unable To Locate 

GOA - Gone On Arrival 

DOA - Dead On Arrival

APB - All Points Bulletin 

PO - Peace Officer 

GTA - Grand Theft Auto 

IC - Incident Commander 

Aero - Helicopter 

SAR - Search and Rescue 

K9 - Canine - Police Dog - Unit With a Police Dog 

SEB - Special Enforcement Bureau. The Sheriff's Dept. Version of SWAT 

SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics 

OSS - Operation Safe Streets. Generally Serving Warrants or Surveillance (LASD) 

SCC - Sheriffs Communication Center (LASD)

ASAP - Advanced Surveillance and Protection Unit 

ALPR - Automated License Plate Reader. Cameras Mounted on Busy Street Intersections.

TRAP - Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention

PIT - Pursuit Intervention Technique

VIT - Vehicle Intervention Technique = Blocking The Pursuing Vehicle With Armored Vehicle #LAPDMetroDiv

Charlie Ocean = SEB Call Out

Barricaded Suspect - 417 BS 

FLIR - Forward Looking Infra Red

LE - Law Enforcement 

NVG - Night Vision Goggles

WC - Watch Commander

CP - Command Post 

HBD - Has Been Drinking 

NARCO - Narcotics 

Blacked Out - When a Pursuit Vehicle Doesn't Have their Headlights On At Night 

WX - Weather 

CNT - Crisis Negotiation Team 

CPI -  City Property Involved 

MET Team - Mental Evaluation Team 

PIO - Public Information Officer 

UC - Under Cover (Plainclothes Peace Officer)

EOW - End of Watch

NightSun - Police Helicopters Search


MAFFS - Modular Airborne Firefighting System - the USAF can load the tanks on the aircraft within hours and deploy to a fire if and when needed


Duke1 - Orange County Sheriff's Dept.

Duke6 - Orange County Sheriff's Depts. UH1  

HB1 - Huntington Beach PD

Angel1 - Anaheim PD

PD1 - Pasadena PD - Today the unit serves 10 partner cities which includes: the City of Alhambra, Arcadia, Covina, Monrovia, Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, and Pomona.

Pomona1 - Pomona PD 

Air1 - Riverside PD 

Glendale1  - Glendale PD - Part of F.A.S.T. Foothill Air Support Team: FAST 

Burbank1 - Burbank PD - Part of F.A.S.T. Foothill Air Support Team: FAST 

Police45 - El Monte PD (Provides Services for West Covina, Azusa, Irwindale, Baldwin Park, Montebello, & Baldwin Park School District Police Department)

Fox - Long Beach Police Dept. 

PD55 - Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Gardena PD (South Bay) 

40King - San Bernardino SD

Sheriff's Eagle One - Fresno County Sheriff's Dept.

SkyKnight - Part of Lakewood & Cerritos Stations. Operating Costs Divided up by 6 Cities Within Those Patrol Stations. Only Patrols Those Specific Cities...Lakewood, Bellflower, Artesia, Paramount, Hawaiian Gardens, & Cerritos. 

OCFA - Orange County Fire Authority 

LASD Aero - Los Angeles

Sheriff's Dept. 

LAPD AirUnit - Los Angeles PD

Air5 or Rescue 5 - LASD's Super Puma Used for Search and Rescue. Not Generally Used For Patrolling

"The Air 5 rescue program provides some of the most advanced technical rescue capabilities available in the nation. With a flight crew of two deputy pilots a sergeant crew chief and two Emergency Service Detail deputy paramedics, the team is deployed on search and rescue and over-water operations, and can rapidly deploy Tactical Response Forces during major incidents." 

LASD Air29 is Based in Los Angeles North County. Lancaster, Palmdale, Crescenta Valley, and Santa Clarita Valley 

Hooper (KMB7) - This is the largest elevated heliport. Hooper is the base for LAPD Helicopters. 

HelCo / AirAttack - When Firefighting from the Air, HelCo Short for "Helicopter Command". Will Direct Fire Air Assists. "HELCO" will be assigned. This will either be a helicopter approved operator on an existing helicopter, or a separate airship just for managing the helicopters. This relieves "Air Attack" to only worry about the fixed-wing air tankers. Air Attack will then coordinate with the HelCo for fixed wing ops. 

CHP - Based Out of Fullerton Airfield KFUL.

Along with a Fixed Wing Cessna Turbo 206 Stationair

Orange County - The Sheriff’s department now has the largest contingent of copters, with five aircraft. The fire authority has four helicopters and other police departments in the county, combined, have a total of seven.

Side Note: PD Helicopters Will Also Provide Emergency Service to Other Government Agencies When Requested. This means cities that don't necessarily contract with an Air Support Helicopter, or if their helicopter is down they can call upon other agencies if they are available to assist. 


A following is when an Agency conducts Pre-Stop Coordination, waiting for sufficient units. The request for additional units is a precautionary measure in case things become unsafe for the officers.


A Pursuit is when the Suspect or Suspects fail to yield to officers...AND THE CHASE IS ON!

If there is a Police Helicopter or an additional police unit ahead of the Pursuit, they will generally re-engage the Pursuit as it draws nearer. 

If the Watch Commander, Sgt. or Lt. of one jurisdiction cancels the Pursuit, it is usually over for good. That is, unless the Pursuit goes into another jurisdiction, in which case, the Pursuit may continue.  The decision to continue the Pursuit is generally based upon a specific Agency's preference, the severity of the crime, how reckless the Suspect is driving, and other extenuating circumstances.  


Surveillance / Tracking Mode occurs when Ground Units back off of the Pursuit and the Police Helicopter calls the current location and direction of travel.

Just because you do not see Police cars on your television does not mean they aren't  close by. Generally, an Agency is trailing behind but out of view of the Suspect(s). 

The goal of any Law Enforcement Agency is to always deescalate a negative situation. Naturally, this applies to Pursuits as well.

At times, the Police Helicopter will turn the NightSun off, in the hope that the Suspect(s) do not drive as recklessly. The NightSun is also used to get garner the attention of civilian traffic.

High speed vehicle pursuits jeopardize the safety of the suspect, the pursuing officer and the general public. Helicopters have been able to take over pursuits from above, allowing ground units to slow down and receive directions as to the location and direction of the suspect. This procedure is most effective and has led to an increased arrest rate with a significant decrease in the likelihood of the suspect causing serious injury or damage to persons or property.

**When noticing lights and sirens, always make sure to heed the rules of the road and pull to the right side of the road!. Emergency vehicles  cannot pass vehicles on the right side of the road. They can only pass on the left side. In addition, don't stop in the middle of the lane or try and out run the Emergency vehicle**

**When an Emergency Vehicle exceeds 45 mph, they outrun the sound of their own siren, making it difficult for civilians to know when they are approaching. 


Why? This is because there are several followings each day.  Normally, these followings do not yield pursuits.  Once an Agency goes into Pursuit, however, coverage begins.


Police Departments are increasingly adopting a policy of cancelling Pursuits to promote public safety. #Serve&Protect

So when does this happen? This occurs when the Suspect is driving recklessly, against traffic, when the Suspect has committed a minor offense, or if the Agency knows who the the suspect is.

Many times, Pursuits are often cancelled due to poor traffic or weather conditions. 


Squawk Codes:

  • 1200 VFR - Visual Flight Rules 

  • 1202 - Gliders

  • 7500 - Hijack

  • 7600 - Communications Failure (Radio Failure)

  • 7700 - General Emergency

  • 7777 - Military Intercept Code. DOD interceptor aircraft on active air defense missions and operating without ATC clearance

What Are Squawk or Transponder Codes?

Transponder Codes are four digit numbers transmitted by the transponder in an aircraft in response to secondary surveillance. This assists air traffic controllers in maintaining traffic separation.

A discrete Transponder Code (often called a Squawk Code) is assigned by air traffic controllers to uniquely identify a specific aircraft. This allows easy identification of aircraft on radar systems. 

Common Aviation Acronyms: 

  • VFR - Visual Flight Rules 

  • IFR - Instrument Flight Rules 

  • MSL - Median Sea Level 

  • AGL - Above Ground Level

  • WX - Weather

  • LZ - Landing Zone

  • ILS - Instrument Landing System 

  • MOA - Military Operations Area

  • TFR - Temporary Flight Restriction (Commonly Used In Air Shows / Sports Events, Security Events, Hazards, Fires & VIP Situations

  • ATC - Air Traffic Control 

  • CTAF - Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

  • NOTAM - Notice To All Airman 

  • FL - Flight Level 

  • FBO - Fixed Base Operator 

  • FOD - Foreign Object or Debris 

  • MAFFS - Modular Airborne Firefighting System - the USAF can load the tanks on the aircraft within hours and deploy to a fire if and when needed

  • Prohibited Areas - Prohibited areas contain airspace of defined dimensions within which the flight of aircraft is prohibited. A common misconception is that aircraft cannot fly over the Disneyland Resort TFR (above 3,000 feet in a 3 mile radius)

  • Restricted Areas - Restricted areas are areas where operations are hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft and contain airspace within which the flight of aircraft, while not wholly prohibited, is subject to restrictions

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Commonly Used Codes:

If you see the following after a code, i.e. 211JO meaning robbery just occurred.

"A" Attempt

"JO" Just Occurred

"N" Now

"R" Reported 

Code 3 - Emergency Call, Lights and Siren

Code 4 - No Further Assistance Needed 

Code 4A - Situation is not secure, however, there are sufficient units are at the location

Code 4I - No Further Assistance Needed - Information Only 

Code 4N - No Further Assistance Needed. No Evidence of Crime at Location 

Code 5 - Stake Out. All Units Stay Away. This is followed unless responding to an emergency call

Code 6 - Out For Investigation

Code 9 - Pre-Stop Coordination

Code 20 - Media. Generally used when a media helicopter is above the scene

10-4 - Acknowledged   

10-15 - Prisoner in Custody

10-20 - Location?

10-29V - Property Reported Stolen. Used during Pursuits when a vehicle is stolen

10-29FD - Subject Wanted For a Felony and the Suspect is Considered Armed and Dangerous. Use Extreme Caution

187 - Murder

207 - Kidnapping 

211 - Robbery 

242 - Battery

245 - Assault with a Deadly


245GSV - Assault with a Deadly Weapon Resulting in a Gun Shot Wound 

245 on a PO - Assault with a  Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer 

261 - Rape

390 - Drunk

415 - Disturbance

415E - Disturbance Party 

415G -Gang Activity Disturbance   

417A- Person with a Knife

417 - Person with a Gun 

459 - Burglary

470 - Forgery 

487 - Grand Theft

503 - Vehicle Theft 

902A - Attempted Suicide 

902R - Rescue Responding 

904 - Fire

918 - Insane Person. Also refereed to as a "5150"

918V - Violent & Insane Person

920C - Missing Child 

920 Silver - Missing Adult. These are mostly elderly or civilians with dementia or an altered mental state

920F - Missing Child Found

923 - Illegal Shooting

927D - Suspicious Circumstances; Possible Dead Body 

996 - Explosion

Rare Codes:

996T - Bomb Threat 

997 - Deputy Needs Help Urgently.

District Cars Only (5 units with the shortest ETA to respond)

998 - Deputy Involved Shooting (DIS)

999 - Deputy Needs Help Urgently; All Units Respond

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Common Codes:

10-4 - Acknowledge 

10-22 - Cancel 

Code 3 - Emergency Call; Lights and Sirens

Code 4 - No Further Assistance Needed 

Code 5 - Stake Out. All units stay away. This is followed unless responding to an emergency call

Code 6 - Out of Vehicle on Investigation

Code 12 - False Alarm 

Code 20 - Media. Generally used when a media helicopter is above the scene

Code 30 - Burglar Alarm 

Code 37- Vehicle is Reported Stolen

Code 100 - In Position to Intercept

245 on a PO - Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer 

390 - Drunk 

415 - Disturbance

415G- Gang Activity Disturbance  

417 - Person Has a Gun

918 - Insane Person. Also referred to as a "5150"

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Patrol Stations


CHP Frequencies are named after colors, unlike LAPD or LASD Agencies, which use geographical dispatch frequencies.

For example, when you see or hear a Pursuit as being called "Pursuit on the Orange", Orange refers to the Baldwin Park Station.

When CHP is in Pursuit, they will hand the Pursuit off to the next station if it goes into another area or jurisdiction. If it starts in Baldwin Park (Orange), for example, and goes south, the Baldwin Park Units will pass it off and Santa Fe Springs (Gold) Units will take over the Pursuit.

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Common Codes, Acronyms and Terms:

10-1 - Reception Poor
10-2 - Reception Good
10-4 - Message Received

10-7 - Out of Service
10-8 - In Service
10-9 - Repeat Last Transmission
10-10 - Off Duty

10-19 - Return (or Return To Indicated Location) 
10-20 - Location Requested
10-21 - Telephone

10-22 - Cancel 

1031 - Attempted Suicide 

1036 - Confidential Information

1036A - Confidential Information; Subject Possibly Armed

1036F - Confidential Information; Possible Felony Wants/Warrants 

1036M - Confidential Information; Possible Misdemeanor Wants/Warrants

1141 - Ambulance Required

1144 - Possible Fatality

1148 -  Provide Transportation

1166 - Defective Traffic Signals

1179 - Accident with Ambulance Responding

1180 - Major Injury Accident

1181 - Minor Injury Accident

1182 - Property Damage Accident

1183 - Accident; No Details

1184 - Direct Traffic

1185 - Tow Truck Required

1186 - Bomb Threat

1187 - Bomb Found

1198 - Meet?

1199 - Officer Requires Emergency Assistance

CHP Call Signs:

MAZEEP - Maintenance Zone Enhanced Enforcement Program

COZEEP or COZY Unit - Construction Zone Enhanced Enforcement Program

Side Show Activity - Acting-A-Fool, Street Racing or Doing Vehicular Tricks.  

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